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Version 1.18 of Route
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Route Inventory Management v1.18 Released Print E-mail
Monday, 04 February 2013 00:00
Changes to RIM v1.18 include the following partial list of changes:

Released:  2012-02-04  
Changes to RIM v1.18 (11003) include the following partial list of changes:

- Added program startup progress status messages
- Added check and user alert messages for program versions containing critical bugs
- Allow user to disable version check at program startup (increases startup speed in the case
  RIM is not permitted to access the internet to check the version status.)
- Added "Use" attribute
- Allow the "Use" attribute to be re-titled / re-purposed
- Save the size/position of most of the child windows (About & Registration will continue to be centered)
- The directory paths in About / Application Information can now be copied

- Corrected Report titles (Netmask & CIDR titles were reversed)
- Updated the main panel entry area field tab order
- Corrected the tab order on the main page
- Made the status message (next to the Apply button) more consistent between the various modes
  and added the number of rows that would be created
- Two rows are selected when the program first starts.

- When in the Add Partial mode, the message by the Apply button does not accurately
  reflect the number of ranges to be added.
- Duplicate entries are not detected in the Options / Lists.

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