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Most IT Networking organizations maintain their list or lists of assigned IP address ranges within spreadsheets or databases.  Large Corporations may have implemented one of the IPAM (IP Address Management) solutions that are commercially available.

Route Inventory Management, a software solution from TeraGLEAN, is a new class of address management solutions: IP Address Route Management.  Instead of tracking all of the routes AND all of the individual IP addresses found on the network, Route Inventory Management tracks the various IP routes that are found in your network routing tables or the IP address ranges which have been allocated.  For those companies that do not need to keep track of all individual IP addresses, this is a well balanced solution between the spreadsheet and the traditional IPAM solutions.

Spreadsheets are free, work well for a routing environment that does not change often and where individual IP addresses do not need to be captured.  Databases work well for more complex environments, but are generally internally developed and in most cases, function as complex spreadsheets.

IPAM solutions can be very expensive, may require multiple IPAM appliances positioned around the company, can work in a dynamically changing routing environment and can track individual machine DNS names to IP addresses.

None of these solutions fit everyone's needs.

Route Inventory Management should fit the needs of any organization that only sees a need to trace and record routes.

Visit the Download section, try Route Inventory Management and let us know how you like it.

Features & Specifications

  • Insert individual IP ranges into the data store
  • Fully Expand a range, potentially down to the /32 addresses
  • Partially Expand a range
  • Number of ranges or routes permitted in the data store varies by which edition has be purchased.  (see the Version and Pricing tab for specific information).  The limit can be increased by upgrading editions or by purchasing a range extension.
  • Retrieve, via SNMP queries, routing tables from routers and switches
  • Can SNMP query an unlimited number of devices, which can be organized into up to 30 device groups
  • Import "show routes" output for Cisco, Extreme, Juniper.  Others can be implemented.  Contact us for details.
  • Report function can export either the entire list of routes & ranges or selected routes & ranges
  • IPv4 and IPv6 reference tables
  • Single User (currently)
  • IPv4 implemented (currently)

Available in four editions:

Evaluation: Fully functional, limited routes or ranges permitted
Basic: User can hand enter routes or ranges
Standard: Can import "show ip route" files in addition to the above
Corporate: Can SNMP query routers or switches in addition to the above


Language: English
Platform: Windows (Has been run on W2K, XP, Vista, W7)
SNMP: v1 is used; v3 is not implemented (queries are read-only; no writes are attempted)
Permitted masks range from /8 ( down to /32 (

Future Plans:

Multi-user or web version
IPv6 implementation
Linux version
Macintosh version

Price: Free $ 199 $ 499 $ 999

Number of Ranges: 18 66 514 4K

Range Entry Methods:
User Entry Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Import Yes No Yes Yes
via SNMP Yes No No Yes

Import Route Tables from:
Cisco Yes No Yes Yes
Juniper Yes No Yes Yes
Extreme Yes No Yes Yes
Others by request        

Customer Poll

We use a single spreadsheet - 0%
We use multiple spreadsheets - 0%
We use an in-house developed database or applicaiton - 0%
We use a commercial IPAM solution - 0%
We do not record or manage IP routes. - 100%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 23 May 2012 - 18:58
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